Two people trapped in one cursed body flee a soul-hungry demon.

At the dawn of human civilization, a secretive cabal with an agenda of secular power offered a human sacrifice to an otherworldly demon to seal magic away from Earth. Modern descendants of that cabal gave a new sacrifice to the demon to again release the fantastic powers of myth—this time, into the cabal's sole dominion. But their dark ritual went awry. The spirit of the woman they sacrificed escaped the clutches of the demon, sending whorls of corrupted power into the cabalists and the world at large, transforming those nearest and resurrecting creatures of legend. One man, mortally wounded by a hell-spawned werewolf, is discovered by the lost and fleeing spirit of the woman murdered in their unholy sacrifice. Two souls now in one cursed body, together they struggle to take down the power-hungry cabal and evade the immortal demon that hunts them in order to unfetter its power and destroy our world.

Teasers and Excerpts


  1. Twitch
  2. Release
  3. Attacks
  4. Placate
  5. Fates
  6. Sites
  7. Revelations
  8. ...